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Phantom Call

Affiliate Program

Affiliate 1 Everyone needs PhantomALERT. It’s the perfect accessory for anyone who drives, hates traffic tickets, hates traffic jams and owns a GPS or smart phone. That’s everyone. Sales are growing and it’s a huge market. Some of our resellers are generating thousands of dollars a day. Become a success story.

Our Affiliates Say

Henry Lee, GPS Factory Out Let Stores
Amazing on how well it sells. We generate over $1000 per day in extras sales regularly. Bundling PhantomALERT with GPS and smartphone sales is easy and our customers love the service. Set up was easy...
Magellan Press Release, Santa Clara, CA
Powered by PhantomALERT(TM), the new Magellan GPS devices feature 'Traffic Camera Alerts' that warn drivers about upcoming red light and speed cameras on their route...

Drivers helping drivers. No more traffic Tickets!

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