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Licensing Opportunity - Increase Device Sales & Margins

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Attention All Device Makers, Retailers and Heads Of New Business Development - Increase smartphone and PND sales with PhantomALERT. Simple, practical and useful. New Invention Increases smartphone and PND sales. Proven Results.

I am Joe Scott, CEO of www.PhantomALERT.com. We have the product that will help increase PND, smartphone sales and margins. We provide GPS POI datasets & smart phone apps that helps motorists drive safe, alert & ticket free. We have several PND and smart phone manufacturers and resellers that are bundling our PhantomALERT apps & earning millions in extra cash flow. Call us today and we can show you how.

Licensing 3 Example 1:
Our partners at Magellan GPS are experiencing increase unit sales, margins, market share and above all satisfied customers. “ To further help reduce roadway confusion and improve driver safety, the new Magellan RoadMate GPS models feature 'Junction View'. This new feature displays a realistic image of the road and highway signs, and shows drivers the correct lane that the vehicle needs to be in for safe merging and exits during their trip...”

Licensing 4 Example 2:
Our partners at Gogotech are experiencing great sell through rates by bundling PhantomALERT with every device sold. The key to theirs success has been recommending PhantomALERT with every GPS/Smartphone sold. Their best seller PhantomALERT product is the Life Time membership for $100 and they get 50% margin. They are generating thousands of dollars in sales with less than 1% return/cancellation rate. I am confident we can do the same for you. Your GPS/smart phone customers will love PhantomALERT and you will experience increased profits.

Licensing PhantomALERT datasets or API feed is very simple, affordable and very profitable. Contact us to learn about our licensing program.

Please watch our demo video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=36brvWX5klw
Please watch our national TV commercial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bny8eeJpkVU

Why Retailers & Device Makers Should Offer PhantomALERT

Licensing 5
Henry Lee, GPS Factory Out Let Stores

Amazing on how well it sells. We generate over $1000 per day in extras sales regularly. Bundling PhantomALERT with GPS and smartphone sales is easy and our customers love the service. Set up was easy. All we did was add PhantomALERT to our SKU, create a product page with videos, offer PhantomALERT as a recommended GPS and smartphone accessory and customers were buying it in droves. We were pleasantly surprised with the sell through rate and the low returns. After the sale we simply email our customers PA access PIN NUMBERS and we are done. NO shipping, NO inventory, NO tech support. PhantomALERT takes care of the rest after that. Very efficient and high margin product. Every GPS and smartphone owner needs PhantomALERT and our customers and employees agree. Not only are we resellers but we also use PhantomALERT on a daily basis on our smart phones and GPS. It has truly saved many of us from speed traps and traffic tickets while adding to our bottom line. I rarely come across a product I use, sell and endorse. Very impressive...

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Drivers are looking for relief from a slowing economy and unjust traffic tickets they simply can't afford. The market is huge and the demand is evident. Within the next few years there will be over 100,000,000 GPS enabled units on the road.
We're offering select partners 50% off our current web retail pricing so there's lots of room for profit. We offer smooth customer friendly support and a 30 day money back guarantee. We can provide digital POS assistance and the support you need to make this new program an immediate success.
Please feel free to contact me to learn more about PhantomALERT and discuss product options and how we can start working together. We can help you deploy quickly and start increasing your GPS sales in just days with the hottest GPS accessory on the market!

Joe Scott Seyoum

Direct: 703 975 8957
Fax: 800 658 9318

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PhantomALERT Licensing Opportunity

Drivers helping drivers. No more traffic Tickets!

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