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Phantom Call

Our Mission

Our mission 1 In one word is our mission is SAFETY!

PhantomALERT Inc.'s mission is to provide Location Based Products & Services which help motorists drive alert, safe and ticket free by alerting them to all known road hazards and traffic enforcement locations. To create a community and a network where drivers help other drivers using the Internet, GPS and Smartphone technology. Every day, over 150,000 drivers receive traffic tickets from speed cameras, red light cameras and traditional Police operated speed traps. Worldwide, motorist pay over $10 Billon dollars in traffic ticket fines alone. Drivers need, demand and are actively searching for relief. PhantomALERT fills that need. PhantomALERT is 100% legal and helps drivers avoid costly traffic tickets by helping them obey traffic laws. It makes them safer drivers through apps that keep them alert and focused while driving. The goal is safety and adherence to traffic rules while driving. 

Company Background

PhantomALERT Inc. began operations in late 2008 with a network of only a few drivers. Drivers helping drivers detect, report and share information to avoid costly traffic tickets. However, in 2009 after one full year of operation, our network exploded as more and more GPS and smartphone users started using PhantomALERT apps and our database. The explosive growth was achieved on a shoe-string marketing and operating budget fueled only by membership fees contributed by our members. Our enthusiastic members actively promoted us to other drivers and eventually our growth was noticed by the media. As more and more newspapers, magazines and TV stations praised PhantomALERT as a tool that helps fights the current epidemic of “distracted driving”, our membership and user participation increased tremendously. Overnight, thousands of PhantomALERT users downloaded our apps and database making us one of the fastest growing companies in ourbusiness category. In addition, Police departments across the county started praising PhantomALERT as a safety tool that helps drivers’ diver alert and safe.

With drivers, the media and Police departments supporting PhantomALERT our network of likeminded drivers keeps growing exponentially. One driver at a time, one smart phone at a time, one GPS unit at a time we are determined to make driving safe, alert and ticket free.

Thank You.

Joe Scott, CEO