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Why You Need Us Why You Need Us Why You Need Us Why You Need Us Why You Need Us Why You Need Us Why You Need Us Why You Need Us
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Motorists Seeing Red over Red Light Cameras
The town of New Carrollton's new mobile red light cameras are snapping up pictures like the paparazzi and motorists are calling the cameras out. Danielle King got two tickets and says she's been wrongly accused. "I got caught by one up there," says King referring to the cameras along route 450. Motorists complain they are being wrongly accused. King says," I think they need to go away. I just think they are unfair. They need to go away."
New Carrollton, MD
Why You Need Us
Driver wears monkey mask to beat speed camera
Press Writer Fri Sep 11, 9:22 pm ET PHOENIX – A driver has racked up dozens of speeding tickets in photo-radar zones on Phoenix-area freeways while sporting monkey and giraffe masks, and is fighting every one by claiming the costumes make it impossible for authorities to prove he was behind the wheel. "You've got to identify the driver, and if you can't it's not a valid ticket," said Dave VonTesmar...
By AMANDA LEE MYERS, Associated Press Writer Amanda Lee Myers, Associated
Why You Need Us
$500 For Running A Red Light? Blame The Camera
Getting caught by a red-light camera can be pricey -- especially in California. With fees, traffic school and court costs, a single ticket can cost $500 or more. More than a dozen states have banned those cameras, as voters see them as unreasonable revenue generators for hard up local governments. But some people argue these devices help curb traffic accidents.
Mandalit del Barco
Cedar Rapids Turns On The Red Light Cameras
Authorities in Iowa’s second largest city have activated the first of more than 20 red light and speed cameras, but drivers who are caught on camera breaking traffic laws won’t have to pay a fine just yet. Instead, for the next 30 days, Cedar Rapids drivers who break the law will receive a warning...
Pat Curtis, Iowa
Red Light Cameras Unconstitutional?
A judge in Aventura, just north of Miami, ruled to get rid of red light camera fines because they're unconstitutional. Will Collier County soon be following in their footsteps? On local woman is hoping commissioners that that initiative...
Renee Stoll, FL
Mistakes On Tacoma Traffic Camera Ticket Caught By Driver
A driver ticketed by an automatic speed camera fought it in court and won because of a pair of mistakes printed on the ticket. The camera is located along East Bay Street. Tacoma received special state permission to put the camera there because police consider that stretch of road dangerous...
Glenn Farley, Tacoma
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