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Phantom Call

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  • Predictive Auto - Tracking - Predicts and presents traffic camera views based on your current location and direction to automatically show the traffic cameras in your upcoming trip;
  • SmartMode featured learns your often - traveled paths and uses that information to filter/select cameras to show in more optimal manner;
  • SmartAlerts provides real - time traffic construction/maintenance information based on your location so that you are warned ahead of time (e.g., before arriving at a traffic jam or a closed ramp);
  • Support for user - provided Proximity alerts (speed traps, red light cameras) that auto - alert when ahead. Support for merging Proximity alerts from PhantomALERT database;
  • Augmented reality view of traffic cameras and their views to see the traffic before you drive;
  • Real - time traffic views;
  • Support for more than 181 cities across North America and over 6000 cameras. Note not all features are available in all cities yet;
  • Designed for performance, stability and reliability - triple buffering techniques and advance predictive alogrithms are employed to ensure these design goals;
  • Support for Text - To - Speech, audio cues and touch - screen short - cuts are designed to ensure a 100% handsfree operation;
  • Highly configurable.
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